Journey Through Unknown Lands

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This is a little creeper I made as an experiment, because I worked with a new kind of clay and a complete wire skeleton… I really like how he turned out even though I had some serious slumps while working on him…

Two bird deities I dreamed of yesterday… Sorry for the lack of updates here, I am a bit overwhelmed by social media right now… I will try and post more regularly now!

"Hedwig the Sower of Stars"
Mixed Media Art Doll

All the stickers I made today with my trusty pentel brush pen and gold ink… My favourites are the black ones, the crow, wolf and cat… Which one is your favourite?

Todays workspace…
Drawing some stickers…
The White Rabbit Trophy -Shop-
"The white rabbit was known for it’s cockiness, always risking his and his friends life by mocking the foxes and wolves of the woods. They would chase him through the underbrush but he knew all the holes, burrows and crevices. He was always one step ahead of the hungry beasts. Never did he think that those two, the wolves and the foxes, would group up on a foggy autumn day just to get him. And even though he had always risked his friends life, this time he used all of his energy to help them. The white rabbit lured his pursuers into a fogfilled chasm, sacrificing his own life for the peace of the forest. From this day on, the picture of the white rabbit was hung in every burrow. His name was forgotten but his story lived on."
So, the giveaway is closed now. I will announce a winner on monday or tuesday, depending on how busy my day will be. Good luck to everybody and have a nice night!
My new travel companion… I won’t be around this week. But I will be back in time to end the giveaway, so if you have not done so yet, you should go and enter it. There is some pretty papercraft that you can win!
This Sphynx cat face is currently the subject of a giveaway on my Instagram ! Sadly, there seems to be no real interest as of yet so I hope posting it here will help. I am no real pro when it comes to giveaways on Instagram (or anywhere for that matter).
Go have a look!


Watercolor, Ink and Gouache on Arches Paper
Now in the Shop!

Don’t forget about my Giveaway!
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I finally opened a shop to sell some of my stuff! You can find it here.To celebrate this I decided to host a Giveaway!
So what will you be able to win?The small Papercraft that is shown in the picture above will be all yours when you win! 
How will you be able to win?You should be following my page. Then you can get one entry by liking this post and a second one by reposting it (no removing of the text, only once, and only on your real blog)
The Giveaway will run until the 17th of August, 12am CEST. I will then draw a name randomly. Your ask box should be open so I can message you to get your adress and all.
There are similar Giveaways on Facebook and Instagram, if you are following me on one of those platforms or are interested in following me there. 
(This Giveaway is in no way endorsed, sponsored or administered by Tumblr. It is all mine!)
Good Luck!
Finished these two today, a sphynx cat and a three-eyed gerbil…
A small sphynx cat… I wanted to turn it into a brooch but it looks a bit big now…

The teo papercrafts I was working on are finally done. Nicer pictures will follow as soon as I have some more time.

I am currently working on some papercrafts in boxes. I will be visiting the flea market soon and hope that I can find some real vintage tin boxes… even though I really like the dimensions of the boxes I currently use…