Journey Through Unknown Lands

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I am currently working on some papercrafts in boxes. I will be visiting the flea market soon and hope that I can find some real vintage tin boxes… even though I really like the dimensions of the boxes I currently use…
Working on some boxed papercrafts today… Will start inking tomorrow…


Follower Appreciation Giveaway!

I’ve been wanting to have a giveaway for quite some time now and finally it is time. One of my followers will be randomly chosen to win this hand dyed lamb leather notebook with a blind tooled leaf on the cover and about 120 off white pages perfect for writing, sketching and/or wet media or perhaps photos and scrapbooking. I adore this book and I know whoever wins this book will too! :)


  • You must follow me.
  • Reblog this entry at least once, but don’t spam.
  • It must be on your real blog, no spam blogs or giveaway blogs.
  • Don’t delete this text.


  • The winner will be randomly chosen July 15th 2014 and contacted in their ask box, so make sure to keep it open. If I recieve no answer within 2 days a new winner will be chosen.
  • If you are not 18 ask your parents or legal guardians permission.
  • If you have any questions just ask!

This giveaway is not associated with Tumblr.

This is Cordelia. Cordelia is a child of summer, born in the days of the first warm sunbeams. Sometimes the summer heat is too much for her and she hides in the depths of the woods, spending her time swimming in hidden lakes and looking for the perfect caves and crevices to
build her home. Her horn is pure crystal and gold, giving her the ability to cleanse and heal the bodies and spirits of critters and plants living in the woods.
Something weird I am working on right now… I wanted to try something else for a change, while I am waiting for orders to arrive and other stuff… I finished the Unicorn and even took some nice pictures which I will upload soon… 
I abandoned the “engraving” pattern and starte over on the head again, adding the horn this time. I think I like this one better, since the engraving just looked sloppy for me. Now there is a lot of sanding that needs to be done…
A little painting I finished today…

Some stickers I made today. They are hand drawn since I don’t have a good printer, but I like the thought of little original, one of a kind drawings on sticker paper. I might sell them or add them to orders when I start selling stuff. Right now I am overwhelmed with working out the details for an online shop like shipping and so on…

I wanted to thank you all for sticking around. With the end of the semester coming up and one sickness after another keeping me in bed I am not posting or making as much art as I would like to. So I am even more grateful for you still following this blog. 
So… Thank you!
Since it is mother’s day today in Austria this picture is kind of appropriate. I myself am not into the whole celebrating the mother thing, since mothers can be as screwed up as other people and it is much more traumatic if your mother is screwed up and behaving badly towards her kid. So if you love your mother, show her that you do, but if your mother is not such a great person, don’t feel pressured into loving her “because she is your mom”. It is totally okay! It is just another day. Having a kid is not a free pass to behaving like a bad person. 
Experimenting a bit, with hair and the unicorns tail… Not sure about this yet… I like the flow and all, but I will need to see how it looks after a trim… So much time for something I am not sure I will keep this way….
Some progress on my current critter. I am trying a lot of new things on this one so I hope it will turn out nice in the end…
The black rabbit without his mask…
fatmalovestodraw replied to your photo“I think I won’t do anything today…”
OMG! what happened?
My thumb started hurting and swelling yesterday afternoon. I have some soothing gel on there now and bound it up so I don’t move it around. It is already better than yesterday but I fear it might take me some days to get back to normal… I am trying to draw with my left a bit but it is looking so bad, haha, I can’t show it to anybody!
I think I won’t do anything today…